08 January 2019

Put a ring on it

I've never been a ring girl. Nor a necklace girl.

But there comes a time when you feel like dressing up, putting makeup on and jewelry just for the sake of it. Let's be honest, a girly girl wants to feel pretty, even just for herself.

The symbolism of a ring is truly magical. A full circle. Of life, of love. Of self-respect.

It's funny how, until this day, I've always sung the lyrics of "Single Ladies" wrong. 

I thought Queen B meant to say "If you like it, just put a ring on it", meaning that girls shouldn't wait for a guy to propose to them, instead they could go out and buy themselves a ring because they could! As easy as that!

That would've made a lot more sense for this post if the lyrics went like that. But they don't.

Yesterday, as I was searching for the lyrics to confirm what I've been singing all of this time, I found that this song has a completely different meaning.

She says "If you liked it, then you should have put a ring on it". Meaning the relationship is over because the man didn't propose...

Anyways, I abide by my first impression of the song and urge you to buy whatever jewelry you might like in order to feel powerful and beautiful. It's quite an intimate feeling choosing your ring finger's ring. It involves a kind of commitment only a loved person would have. And I mean self-love type of commitment.

I love these from Ti Sento Milano, a Dutch jewelry brand. Their fine jewelry is made of sterling silver with beautiful details such as "a row of pavé style cubic zirconia" or a "faceted stone of shimmering rose set in the finest gold plated setting" (their best selling collection: flower bud).

If you wish to buy some for yourself, enjoy a 10% discount with my code INESXTISENTO.

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