07 January 2019

New Year's Resolutions — are they a scam?

The other day... well, New Year's day, I was casually talking with my boyfriend about resolutions. In my family, every New Year's Eve, I remember my dad giving us a paper where we would write our promises for that year. For me, years later, those promises became goals I wanted to achieve for the following year. So, for me and my siblings, that tradition stuck.

Though, to my bf, New Year's Resolutions were a scam. In his mind, these promises people made about changing their lives, habits and everything they found to be wrong were utterly a lie. It was plain bullsh*t.

For him, the New Year's Resolutions worked like the famous meme: on the first day of the year, everybody goes to the gym, on the second day of the year, half of the people go, third day... none. So he doesn't believe that the common people truly resolutes what they thought of on the midnight's first strike.

I was quite surprised by his angry reaction to my question and tried to explain that, for me, New Year's Resolutions were about defining new goals for this upcoming year, both personal and professional, as well as travels I'd like to do.

In his defense, he said his intentions didn't change overnight. His way of thinking about life didn't change from the 31st of December to the 1st of January. For him, the new year is just a continuation from the previous. It's NOT a fresh start, nothing has really changed nor his reflections on his life.

It's so weird that someone has this perception of the New Year, because for me, New Year simbolizes a new start, a clean slate to do everything I ever wanted to do plus be a better me. Of course, no one changes completely overnight, but by the end of 2019, I'm sure that I'll feel like a different person: older, wiser and with more experiences to have learned from.

What are your thoughts on the New Year? Are you more like me or my boyfriend?

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