06 January 2019

BALI — an Instagrammable travel guide

Before heading to Bali, I must say I've watched a good amount of Youtube videos and saved many Instagram images concerning where to go, what to do and where to eat.

In the 5 days we where there, I managed to go to a few places I had in mind, but I definitely want to go back and cross out my whole list (who knew Bali had such amazing coffee shops with delicious food and vegan concepts?).

It's indeed an island with a lot to do and I would recommend staying there for at least 1 full week so you can have time to sightsee everything plus hop to other islands AND relax.

Watch my whole adventure HERE

My list covered the entire island and a few islands on the coast. Here it is:

1 — KUTA

Kuta is the closest place to the Denpasar airport, and from my research, it's not worth stopping by due to being too touristy.


Right above Kuta, is one of the best places to stay in Bali — Seminyak. It's the area with the cutest coffee shops, two of the most famous Beach Clubs — Potato Head & Ku De Ta— and a black sand beach where you can learn how to surf.

Some of the coffee shops I had on my list were: Nalu bowls, Kind community, Coffee Cartel, and Caffe Organic.

There are tons of luxury spas and hotels and more affordable villas. You have the beach really close by, but you'll find many tourists.

Kynd Community — a plant-based coffee shop. I absolutely fell in love with their pink wall and food photos on IG, but it's a bit pricey.  We tried two "love mugs" — the matcha latte with coconut milk and the pink latte with beetroot and vanilla which I found to be super sweet for me.

We also ordered their "paradise pancakes" which were good but not delicious. Maybe because they were vegan and had a different recipe than I'm used to.

The avocado toast was really good — my mom says. But the poached egg we asked for wasn't really an egg because... plant-based has no animal food. So... a bit weird.

One thing that never disappoints it's the açaí bowl and this one even had BALI spelled out in mango. DELISH!

Cafe Organic — this French-owned coffee shop was literally 2 minutes away from our hotel, so we went there at least 2 times. We would wake up so early because of our jet lag, that we would be standing at 7 AM at their doors waiting to open (it opens at 7AM).

My absolute favorites were the dragon fruit bowls and avocado toast.


Twenty minutes by car from Seminyak, we arrive at Canggu. The hipster place in Bali. This place is ruled by youngsters, surfers, Aussies, and coffee-lovers. This would be a great place to stay at too. If I could, I would stay 2 days in Seminyak and 2 days in Canggu.

Coffee places to go here are The Loft & The Avocado Factory (which I went to none because we only were in Canggu for one day).

The best sunsets are the La Laguna and at The Lawn.

The most fun Beach Club in this area is called Finn's Beach Club — there is music, pools, food, young people, drinks, and the ocean. You'll have
a blast there!

4 — UBUD

One of the most incredible Nature places in Bali is called Ubud. It's a long one-hour drive on the left side of their roads between touristic vans, big buses, and tiny scooters. But, it is so worth it.

What do you have in Ubud (the interior side of Bali):

— the beautiful rice fields in Tegalalang (the best time to be awed is by sunrise when there are few people there)

— the Bali swings in these rice fields or near

— the famous cat poop coffee, which after trying it and crossing out of my list I began to think how cruel it is to force these animals to eat the coffee seeds and poop them out for money, literally, so maybe don't do it!

— the Ubud Market with the most unique wooden bags and food

— and the Monkey Jungle

— if you have the time, also visit the Tegenungan Waterfall (Bali is known for the waterfalls, and this one is not that known so it won't be crowded like the others)


Let me put it this way: THE BEST SUNSET OF THE ISLAND!

Head to Jimbaran beach and you'll have a mile-long view of the early sunset. With tons of people watching it with you.


Uluwatu is located on the lower side of the Island. You see the airport? It's below that. Here you can surf, stay at a Cliff Top Resort and visit the Temples. 

Bali is such a religious island — Hindu, the religion that has over 33 million gods and at its core is a very peaceful religion. At every house, there is a home temple plus all the big ones they constructed to pray in a group.

The temple we went to is called Pura Luhur Uluwatu. It is on a cliff so you get this amazing view over the Indian Ocean.

One funny thing I read before entering the temple is that women on their period cannot visit it... and you have to wear their cloth if you aren't wearing a piece of clothing that covers your knees and legs. Also, there are monkeys there that still your things, so beware!


The last place we visited was the Gilli Trawangan or Gili T — one of three islands composing the Gili islands on the northwest of the Lombok Island.

From Seminyak, there is a long 1 and a half hour drive to Padang Bai where you catch the boat and navigate for 3 hours to the island. If you go in the morning, it's a very pleasant boat drive, especially if you go up on the deck, soak up the sun (don't forget to put on sunscreen!), listen to the pop music they play, enjoying a Bintang Radler beer at 10 AM while viewing the little islands you pass by.

Gili T is the first island you arrive, the other two are Gili Meno and Gili Air. And then you have Lombok. 

Gili T was a true surprise. So there aren't any roads or cars. The only transportation methods are either donkey pulled cars, scooters or bikes. The water is the clearest I've ever seen and the sand is a light yellow. It's a true paradise!

Don't forget to find these swings!

Other places I had on my list but we didn't have the time to explore are:

8 — NORTH BALI where you'll find the Padangbulia Waterfall and the Bali gates


10 — NUSA PENIDA ISLAND with an incredible cliff view over the dinosaur shaped island

11 — LOMBOK, the Bali's virgin island version

Hope you liked this guide! Have you ever been to Bali?

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