13 December 2017


Lately, I've been wondering how reflections and perceptions work. Is the way I portray myself similar to the way I'm perceived by others? If I act in a certain way with a purpose in mind, will the people on the outside assume my truth?

With my short experience in life and with dealing with other people, I can tell you that the short answer to all of those questions is simply NO.

No matter how you behave feeling that you're doing the best you can or acting in the most humble way to please others, you will be perceived in a completely different way that you would've like to be perceived as.

Reflecting our thoughts into actions, sometimes, might take a turn for the worst and make you look bad.

The girl or the boy on the other side of the mirror is not you. She or he is not who you think you are. You are what others make or think of you. They can set their mind into making you look like a good or a bad person. What they think and say about you is what makes them believe it's the (their) truth. 

This perception of this person on the other side of the mirror — the one they see — might be created consciously or unconsciously. When it is created without them acknowledging, it can be changed with the help of words or actions. When it is created consciously, well, good luck. There's no turning back. The reflection of your image it's set in stone.

That's why first impressions suck. If you're too quiet, they'll say you're a rude person. If you're always giggling, they'll say you are not to be taken seriously. There's no right or wrong way to be yourself. Everyone encourages you to be you. However, when the real you is twisted by someone else, your reflection is shattered.

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