03 September 2016

Summertime Sadness (a newly-graduate letter to the season)

Oh Summer! I've been waiting for you for a whole year, so I could relax and abstain myself from school work, and now you left me with fading tan lines and a whole load of new responsibilities.
You were great to me for a good month and a half, letting me enjoy your warm weather and cool ocean water. You made me have no care in the world and dance till the sun rose. You made so tired of only laying down in your burning and grainy sand, and thus making me too lazy to go for a run and burn off all the calories of the ice-creams you made me indulge in.

Now that you left me with your brother Fall, you made me realize that I've got to start living. Well, working is the word Fall is implying on me. Now that I've graduated, I have no idea what I'll do in September. No one will tell me which class I have to run off to, or what book I need to read. You left it all for me to figure it out. And I don't want to waste this opportunity to build my professional experience, or even waste my life complaining, but oh, how I wish I had more time to think under the palm tree, eating a piece of watermelon and splashing water with my feet on the pool. How am I supposed to get into this crazy world when the only thing I can do are Word essays? I don't feel qualified enough to start earning money  and working a 9-5 job... Why didn't you warn me, before I let loose, that I needed to improve my CV, make it appealing, email everyone that I think I should email?Why didn't you tell me they wouldn't reply?? Am I supposed to look further? Am I supposed to leave all the people I love and my safe and pretty room to go after something out of my reach? Is that time happening now? I thought I'd had more time for that to happen...

(I still want to see more of the world, discover new ways of living, meet new people, eat different food, swim in different oceans and, above all, discover who I really am! I don't want to get stuck in a rut right away... Can't I be free for awhile first? Can't I enjoy my youthfulness?)

Oh how I wish I was floating in your refreshing and salty sea, thinking of nothing at all and listening to the emptiness of the bottom of the sea. Tell me, Fall, what is expected for me?