29 September 2015

Erasmus en Madrid | Ep.2

My New University // A Minha Nova Universidade

As you might know, I'll be studying in Madrid for 4 months (don't know what I'm talking about? read here). My recent posts have been all about the activities that we can do in Madrid on the weekend, but today I wanted to talk about the university that I'm attending: Universidad Europea de Madrid. And why? Because I've never seen anything like it! When I first stepped in the campus, I was completely shocked by its humongous size, especially because I had in mind the tiny size of my home university (Universidade Europeia de Lisboa) to compare. 

27 September 2015

Tapas for Days

Today we went to yet another food market, Mercado San Ildefonso. We went by it one day, when walking along the Calle de Fuencarral, and today we wanted to go inside to check out, only to leave amazed. We got off at the Tribunal metro stop (line 10), near the Gran Vía,  and walked in. Right at the entrance, there is the famous charcuterie bocadillo that the Spaniards love so much: jamón sandwiches. Which, by the way, are the best you'll ever taste. Soft bread, high quality smoked ham for only €2,95. You won't be stoping at the first one.  Walking a little bit further, you'll see a mojito stand, a taco, hamburger and hotdog stands and, at the end, a drinks bar.

24 September 2015

Sunny Afternoon Riding a Boat and Eating Éclairs

Today, after a big clean up to our apartment, we decided to go back to the El Retiro and ride a boat. As you've read before (if not, click here), we've already been to his huge garden a few days ago, but as it was a crazy weather (yeah, it fully rained on us when we were crossing to go back to the metro), we took the opportunity of having a clear sky today and thought it was time to rent the love boat. Ok, not love, fun boat! 

21 September 2015

Graffiti Hunting for the Perfect #OOTD Pic

After our visit to the busy El Rastro Market (see post here), we decided to walk some more and ended up at the Gran Vía. But as this Vía is so mainstream and crowded, we got into its perpendicular streets. These streets, filled with cafés, restaurants and clothing stores, are the perfect location for a quick ootd (outfit of the day) photoshoot. And why? Because in every wall near some store, there's a customized graffiti painting making the atmosphere really lively. 

Spanish Flea Market | El Rastro

Like any European capital, Madrid doesn't fail to have its own flea market. The huge crowd, the bargaining and dozens of different tents all meet at La Latina, an alternative neighborhood in the old part of the city. This once-in-a-week event caught our attention when the online magazine Time Out Madrid listed it as one thing to not miss out, and we, as good tourists that we are, had to be there that Sunday afternoon

20 September 2015

About Last Noche...

 Yesterday night we decided to have dinner at MERCADO DE SAN MIGUEL. I found this small, but really crowded tapas market to be the tourists and locals’ meeting point for a diversified and Spanish-origin dinner. From the infamous bocadillos de jambon (Spanish smoked ham sandwiches) to oysters, hamburguers, paella (Spanish yellow rice with meat/vegetables or seafood), baby eels, churros and cervezas, this eventful place cheers up any night out. Although there isn’t many places to seat down, the fun of it is to walk around, eat some tapas from each stand, grab some beer or wine and end up with some ice-cream on the way out.

Ontem à noite decidimos ir jantar ao MERCADO DE SAN MIGUEL. Este pequeno, mas tão movimentado mercado de tapas é o ponto de encontro para tantos turistas e locais que procuram um jantar diversificado e de origem tipicamente espanhola. Desde os tão famosos bocadillos de jambon a ostras, hambúrgueres, paella, angulas, churros e cervezas, este lugar super agitado anima qualquer jantar. Apesar de não haver quase nunca lugar para sentar, o giro é ir comendo tapas de cada barraquinha e agarrar uma cerveja ou vinho e acabar com um gelado à saída.

18 September 2015

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like AUTUMN

In Madrid, Autumn is all around. And in this huge garden, El Retiro, the trees filled with warm colors leaves make this space a magical one. 
Our afternoon walk started at the metro station of El Retiro (red line number 2 direction to Las Rosas) till the other end in the residential district of Niño Jesus. Through sun and rain, this romantic walk was a great escape of the stress of the city. It was really a breath of fresh air and a vision of paradise that took us completely by surprise.

Em Madrid, o Outono já sente. E neste jardim gigante, o El Retiro, as árvores cobertas de folhas de cores quentes fazem deste lugar, um lugar mágico.
O nosso passeio começou na saída do metro da estação El Retiro (linha encarnada número 2 em direcção a Las Rosas) até à outra ponta no distrito residencial de Niño Jesus. Por baixo de sol e chuva, esta caminhada romântica foi a escapadela perfeita do stress da cidade. Foi a lufada de ar fresco e uma visão de paraíso que nos surpreendeu completamente.

17 September 2015

Chinese Vibes

For as long as I've known myself, I've always privileged simple and tasty things. And as for now, it is myself that has to do the cooking, so this aptitude of mine will stick for this period of time. Hence these SO SUPER SIMPLE rice noodles with zucchini and soy sauce
For a light dinner past 9pm, this is perfect as a healthy comfort food.

Desde que me conheço, sei que sempre privilegiei coisas simples e saborosas. E a partir de agora, já que vou ser eu a cozinhar, esta minha aptidão vai permanecer neste período de tempo. Daí esta massa de arroz com courgette e molho de soja SUPER SIMPLES!
É perfeito como uma comida de conforto saudável, num jantar leve depois das 9 da noite.

Caught Off-Guard in the Royal Gardens

Living so near the center of Madrid (just one metro stop away from Opera) is the best thing if you want do discover every big (or little) place in this Spanish city. One of the first things that one cannot miss out is, at least, check out the greatness of the Royal Palace and its surrounding gardens. And after our ice-cream stop (check that post here), that was our next destination.

Viver tão perto do centro de Madrid (a uma estação de metro da Opera) é do melhor quando se quer descobrir todos os grandes (e pequenos) sítios nesta cidade espanhola. Uma das primeiras coisas a não perder, pelo menos, é ver por fora a grandiosidade do Palácio Real e dos seus jardins circundantes. E depois da nossa paragem para um gelado (vê aqui esse post), esse foi o nosso próximo destino.

14 September 2015

Plaza Mayor y Helados Artisanales

The first walk in Madrid started at Plaza Mayor. This iconic square, known for its uniform architecture (having three-story buildings all around and 237 balconies facing the Plaza) and wideness (measuring 129 by 94 meters), is located only a few blocks away from another famous plaza, the Puerta del Sol.

O primeiro passeio em Madrid começou na Plaza Mayor. Esta praça icónica, conhecida pela sua arquitectura uniforme (tendo edifícios de três andares a toda a volta e 237 varandas com vista para a Plaza) e pela sua grande amplitude (medindo 129 por 94 metros), é localizada a uns metros de outra praça famosa, a Puerta del Sol.

12 September 2015

Erasmus en Madrid | Ep. 1

Erasmus. Every grad student’s dream. The chance of a lifetime to be free, independent, to know yourself and many other people, and most of all, to grow up. A chance to see the world in a different way and to change perspective about life.
And I was one of the lucky people who got to do this.

02 September 2015

Lisboa Menina e Moça

The best thing about going away for some time and live somewhere else (check my Paris Diary) is that when you come back to your home city, you value it so much more! The people's niceness, the homemade food, the little cafes and street full of life. And now that I'm going away again, I'm missing already my sweet Lisbon!
 So two days away from spending 4 months in Madrid to do the Erasmus Program, I wanted to be a tourist in my own city to remember it and hold that memory close to my heart for whenever I miss it.
Here's some whereabouts I went with my dear friend...

A melhor coisa de quando se vai viver uns tempos para uma cidade estrangeira (vê aqui o meu Diário de Paris) é que, quando se volta à cidade natal, valorizamo-la ainda mais! A simpatia da pessoas, a comida caseira, os pequenos cafés e a ruas cheias de vida. E agora que parto mais uma vez para outra aventura, já começo a sentir falta da minha querida Lisboa!
E nestes últimos dois dias antes de partir para Madrid para fazer o meu semestre de Erasmus, quis invocar o meu turista interior e explorar algumas partes de Lisboa para me lembrar depois.
Aqui estão alguns lugares que fui hoje com a minha amiga...